Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flower Girls

Here is a look at the cutest part of a wedding ceremony: the flower girls!

A bride can have her flower girls wave ribbons as they walk down the aisle.  Here is a picture of ribbons that we have used at an outside wedding.

These ribbon wands below were used at an indoor wedding.  Each wand had little florets and bells attached.  It was so sweet to hear little jingles as the children walked down the aisle!


Next, I would like to show you an alternative to flower girls carrying a basket and throwing petals.  In many churches today, flower petals are not allowed inside.  Kissing balls are a great way for the little girls to have something to hold on to that is still precious.

The Kissing balls can be made out of any type of flower that fits with the bride's look.

Below is a more rustic and fall approach to the kissing ball.

No matter what the flower girl is holding, she always looks sweet with a halo of flowers on her head! 

Below is a more simple approach to the halo.  Using greenery and berries only is a very cost effective, but still beautiful, way to having a halo.

Below is an example of a more intricate halo that has more bulk without taking over the child's head.

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