Thursday, November 14, 2013

Distressed Wood Boxes

Brides often ask me for ideas for containers that they might use for a more rustic feel.  I will usually pull out pictures of my wood boxes.  You don't have to own a barn to make wood boxes that are distressed.   I am going to give you easy steps so that you can also create your own distressed wood box.

The First Step:   I went to a local store to purchase wood.  Here is a link of what I found at Home Depot   I purchased 1x4 whitewood planks that were 6' in lengths. You need to make sure you pick out wood that is soft so that it can easily be distressed. Cut the boards and either nail or screw them together.  Finally I purchased a piece of hardwood panel to use as the backing of the box.

Next Step:  You need to distress the wood.   
This is the fun part.  Great way to get out all your frustrations out.
I used a chain that I used to beat the board.   I then took a scrap piece of wood and drilled in some screws to bang against the wood.  The last think I did was to make scraps and niches out of the wood to make it look worn out.  It still won't look like much but the next part will make it all come together... STAIN.

You can either apply the stain with a brush and then wipe off the excess or you can just use a paper towel and apply by rubbing the stain on.  Now you see the impact of the distress from earlier.  

add flowers and voila!